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He dreams not of food. His Fuel? Tales from memory. He laughs, eyes twinkle.

He’s 91.


Peter Holme III

wonderful! Make the unbelievable - Believable.

Last night so sad. #summervacation

#summervacation #kickstarter. Iced soy latte. Now I’m ready. Bring on the day. (at Kukio Beach)

My almost #dailyhaiku motivated by wee hour birdsong… And a distinct lack of sleep.

Painting (or other media) is the expression of ideas in their permanent form. It is the giving of evidence. It is the study of our lives, our environment. The American who is useful as an artist is one who studies his own life and records his experiences; in this way he gives evidence. If an artist has something to say an artist will find a way of saying it -Robert Henri #TheArtSpirit


Peter Jordan, Paper astrolabe, 1535.  Meant to be cut out and assembled. In a copy of his edition of Johann Stöffler’s Elucidati, professor of mathematics at the University of Tübingen. 

In Nuremberg, the workshop and print-shop of Georg Hartmann had a large output and a widespread influence, also because his printed instruments could be produced in numbers and distributed cheaply. Hartmann was another mathematical writer who was a printer and a globe- and instrument-maker mhs oxford

maps and diagrams. I have a soft spot for them.

Two weeks in Whittier. This summer I’m working as a Teacher Leader with TCAP (The California Arts Project). Three of us are facilitating a two-week institute/practicum for 26, K5 generalist teachers in Whittier. The focus week one was building capacity in the visual arts, at the same time seamlessly making connections to the Common Core standards. These teachers are having Aha moments all over the place! Gaining confidence in analyzing and responding to works of art using academic terminology, learning the proportions of the human form and the mechanics of crafting a landscape or cityscape in perspective. They have surprised themselves by their abilities and are thrilled about it. Today they told us we changed their lives forever! They won’t look at the world the same. Awesome.

Week two is all about the Lesson Study, the practicum. Teacher teams have created a unit and are delivering a lesson from it, incorporating their newly acquired strategies, to groups of K6 students. The non-presenting teachers are scattered around the room witnessing the lesson and student engagement. These teachers write down their observations to share with their colleagues later.

After the lesson, presenting teachers debrief. They share what worked, what didn’t, reflecting on their overall experience. When they conclude sharing out, the other teachers contribute their thoughts as well. Each teacher is reflecting on the lesson and then in turn their own practice or their own practice through their colleagues experience. It’s really amazing.

The Lesson Study is such a rich experience. Teaming up to create a lesson, then observing each other teach… The inspiration comes full circle.