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Challenge your students to enter this amazing contest.  Help end childhood hunger in the U.S. Teens can make a difference.  $5,000 in prizes.

Need to find out more about this myself. I’ll be offering it to my students in the next week or so.

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Prehistory favpic Chauvet Cave. #haiku #reflection #bhhsAPAT #ArtHistory

He dreams not of food. His Fuel? Tales from memory. He laughs, eyes twinkle.

He’s 91.


Peter Holme III

wonderful! Make the unbelievable - Believable.

Last night so sad. #summervacation

#summervacation #kickstarter. Iced soy latte. Now I’m ready. Bring on the day. (at Kukio Beach)

My almost #dailyhaiku motivated by wee hour birdsong… And a distinct lack of sleep.