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Challenge your students to enter this amazing contest.  Help end childhood hunger in the U.S. Teens can make a difference.  $5,000 in prizes.

Need to find out more about this myself. I’ll be offering it to my students in the next week or so.

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Prehistory favpic Chauvet Cave. #haiku #reflection #bhhsAPAT #ArtHistory

He dreams not of food. His Fuel? Tales from memory. He laughs, eyes twinkle.

He’s 91.


Peter Holme III

wonderful! Make the unbelievable - Believable.

Last night so sad. #summervacation

#summervacation #kickstarter. Iced soy latte. Now I’m ready. Bring on the day. (at Kukio Beach)

My almost #dailyhaiku motivated by wee hour birdsong… And a distinct lack of sleep.

Painting (or other media) is the expression of ideas in their permanent form. It is the giving of evidence. It is the study of our lives, our environment. The American who is useful as an artist is one who studies his own life and records his experiences; in this way he gives evidence. If an artist has something to say an artist will find a way of saying it -Robert Henri #TheArtSpirit